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1929 Bentley 4½Litre Le Mans View Detail

1929 Bentley 4½Litre Le Mans RESERVED

An outstanding example of an original matching numbered vintage Bentley in…

1926 3/4.5 Litre. Concours Condition View Detail

1926 3/4.5 Litre. Concours Condition

A matching numbered vintage Bentley in concours condition, in fact  a…

1930 Speed Six. View Detail

1930 Speed Six.

A genuine Speed SIx, ready to go touring in excellent condition throughout.…

1924 3 Litre 2+2  Coupe by H.J Mulliner. View Detail

1924 3 Litre 2+2 Coupe by H.J Mulliner.

A delightful 3 Litre with her original and very expensive coachwork by the…

Just arrived. 1931 Blower Bentley One Of The Original Fifty View Detail

Just arrived. 1931 Blower Bentley One Of The Original Fifty

We are delighted to be able to offer not only one the most reverered motoring…

 1927 6.5 Litre Speed Six Specification View Detail

1927 6.5 Litre Speed Six Specification

For the vintage Bentley adventure you have always promised…

1927 3 Litre Speed Model. View Detail

1927 3 Litre Speed Model.

 In a marketplace where basket case 3 litre Bentleys, that is to say…

 The Margaret Allan 8 Litre Special View Detail

The Margaret Allan 8 Litre Special

Margaret Allen (1909 -1998) was one of the “fast ladies” of the…
1929 Blower Bentley View Detail

1929 Blower Bentley

A 1929 4.5 Litre Bentley to full Birkin Blower specification, with correct…

For The Man Who Has Everything.... View Detail

For The Man Who Has Everything....

...or thought he had.

Not our usual fayre of course, but beautifully…

One For The Enthusiast View Detail

One For The Enthusiast

Never seen by us on a vintage Bentley but apparently was on a 3 Litre years ago.…

About Us

Welcome To Stanley Mann Racing Ltd.



About Us

Stanley Mann is a name synonymous with vintage Bentleys. For over 45 years Stanley drove, raced, restored, bought and sold these iconic machines. He was one of those fortunate people whose hobby became a passion and whose passion became a career.

As a young man with a restless disposition, a career in the family butcher’s shop in Edgeware was not for Stanley and he pursued his interest in photography entering the fashion world in the mid-1960s and managed to afford his first vintage Bentley. Later he was to sell this Bentley to fund the deposit for a house. Ironically he subsequently mortgaged his house to fund a vintage Bentley. As many Bentley enthusiasts will recount he started restoring and selling vintage Bentleys from a Nissen hut behind the family butcher’s shop and his spare time was spent sourcing parts from other vintage Bentley enthusiasts of the time with whom he made lasting friendships.

A move to the Fruit Farm in Radlett in the early 1980s was a considerable achievement. The two buildings provided space for a workshop and showroom and is much the same today as it was then.

But it wasn’t just the buying and selling. In 1990 with a group of fellow enthusiasts he formed the Benjafields Racing Club, named after 1920’s Bentley boy Dr.Dudley Benjafield. With his Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent as patron the club continues in robust health rallying, racing and touring across the world and continuing to prove the driveability and durability of the vintage Bentley, the world’s finest pre-war sporting car.

In competition Stanley entered the record books. At Millbrook between 1988 and 1992 he took Class B (5000 to 8000cc) records including the 200 mile record in a Bentley Speed Six, the 200km and one hour record in a 3/8 Litre, the 200 mile record in his well-known racer “Mother Gun” and also in Mother Gun co driven by his good friends Vaughn Davis, Phil Greenwood and Prince Michael of Kent the 1,000 mile record in a time of 9 hours 34 minutes.

Stanley Mann Racing Ltd, with Stanley at the helm until his death in February 2016 has handled the sale of over 900 vintage Bentley Motor cars from the Fruit Farm and continues with the same enthusiasm from the same small team catering for every aspect of vintage Bentley ownership.

Stanley Mann. A passion. A career. A life.
We welcome you to Stanley Mann Racing Ltd.>





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We cater for every aspect of vintage Bentley ownership. Our small workshop team will keep your existing vintage Bentley running as it should. There is no charge for advice or information, time permitting of course and we can carry out routine work or a  complete overhaul.

Vintage Bentleys have a justified reputation for being robust. However "robust" should not be interpreted as "indestructable." We often see vintage Bentleys continuing to run where less robust cars would fail and whilst this is an atribute it also means that a minor job can become a major issue if routine checks are not carried out.



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